Break Through to the Other Side of User Assistance

On July 25-26, 2017, UA Reloaded 17 takes place for the first time in St. Leon-Rot (near Heidelberg) – a brand-new conference format that tekom has developed together with the UA experts of SAP. Instead of back-to-back PPT lectures, interaction, improvisation and inspiration take center stage.

As user assistance (UA) needs to go beyond flat text to innovative new formats and media types, technical writers need to get ready for new technologies, such as voice interaction, to be able to create cutting-edge deliverables for today and the future. With the right tools and infrastructure at hand, and by collaborating with customers to design and prototype new UA concepts, the user assistance community should aim to develop an end-to-end knowledge experience that is attractive to every user.

At UA Reloaded 17, we don’t want to deal with any of the traditional topics that fill the agenda of a standard UA conference. Instead, we intend to take a fresh look at the topic of UA and how new technologies and developments can be re-imagined in the context of user assistance. We will provide conference participants with a place where they can see and interact with "new" technologies in such a way that they can draw their own conclusions about how to implement them for the UA of the future.

The participants have the opportunity to take part in presentations and workshops. They can look forward to an interactive program and many networking opportunities, such as:

Idea Market

With the Idea Market, we will provide you a place where you can see and interact with "new" technologies in such a way that you can draw your own conclusions about how to implement them for the UA of the future. During the entire conference, you’ll have the chance to get in touch with 15 international exhibitors who will present and explain their innovations to you at the Idea Market.

Inno Jam

The platform for young professionals and students in the field of User Assistance, who work beyond pure text production. The idea behind this is to give every participant 5 minutes to present his/her work and with this to enter dialog with the companies and institutions that are present. This doesn’t have to be a fully worked out concept, but is rather aiming to give food for thought in which way content can be conveyed creatively. The participants are kindly invited to take part in the remaining conference!
Interested parties please contact sophia.weis(at)  

UA Camp

After a day of exciting and inspiring sessions and info booths, you might be so energized that you want to immediately start working on new and innovative UA concepts with other participants. You can use this positive energy in the UA Camp. It will take place in the evening of day one, in the conference venue. This is an open-ended activity, during which you can engage and collaborate with other UA experts. We may provide possible topics upfront and ask your UA Camp team to work on them, or it can be completely freestyle. Results will then be presented on day 2 in a special workshop.