Break through to the other side of user assistance


It is with a heavy heart and considerable regret that we have to announce that we will be cancelling UA Reloaded 20.

UA Reloaded is a new conference format that tekom has developed together with the UA experts of SAP. The event will take place for the fourth time in a row. Here, lectures, workshops, interaction and improvisation take center stage.

The topics go beyond the classic portfolio of technical communication. We are now dealing with what User Assistance could disruptively change in the future. International experts unveil the newest options: from video documentation to service design to virtual reality.


  • User Assistance
  • Chatbots
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality


  • Social Media
  • Skills for the Future


The main theme of UA Reloaded is User Assistance. Our participants, mainly UA architects, technical communicators or video producerscan discover an interactive program with many networking opportunities. 


At UA Reloaded, you have the opportunity to take part in presentations and workshops where international expert speakers unveil the newest options in UA: from video documentation to machine learning to virtual reality. It is also the ideal platform to exchange knowledge and grow your network.


You would like to become a partner of UA Reloaded and increase your visibility for your company and services? You will get more information about the various sponsoring options soon. If you have questions, please contact our sales team.

Impressions of UA Reloaded 18



Quotes of Some of our Speakers, Contributors and Partners:

Quotes of some of the Speakers and Contributors:

UA Reloaded is different. It focuses on why things have to be done differently. There are many conferences focusing on the content side: tools, formats and methods for authoring. UA Reloaded takes a different angle and discusses the value delivered to customers: how technology can revamp classical touch points, how new delivery channels can transform operations and business.

Fabrice Lacroix, CEO Fluid Topics

UA-Reloaded 18 was a very exciting event - especially due to all the contacts and contributions from SAP. It is very impressive how forward thinking they are already working there and it is nice that they share their knowledge with the particiopants of the conference.

Anton Bollen, European Customer & Market Strategist,TechSmith

My understanding of user assistance is that computers support humans in their daily life by performing the tasks that they can do better and/or faster than humans.

Dr. Philipp Daumke, Managing Partner, Averbis GmbH

To me AI is user assistance - technology that works effortlessly on a human level helping us to achieve our goals efficiently and effortlessly.

Dr. Edward Challis Co-founder and CEO, re:infer

The Conference Venue

The conference venue on May 12-13, 2019 is SAP in St. Leon-Rot (near Heidelberg).


SAP-Allee 27
68789 St. Leon-Rot