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Call for Papers UA Reloaded 20 is now open!

The call for papers is running until January 17, 2020!


Submit now!

Think you have what it takes to be a speaker at UA Reloaded 20? We KNOW you do. Just pick a topic you're passionate about and share it with your User Assistance peers. This is your time to shine!

Topic Areas

We are looking for proposals for presentations and/or workshops in the following areas:

  • AR Applications
  • Social User Assistance

Types of submissions accepted

  • Presentations: 30-40 minutes, including questions and answers.
  • Workshops: 1.5 hours, including setup. These must be interactive, hands-on workshops for participants. Long presentations are not acceptable.

How to submit your proposal

Follow this link to submit your proposal for a workshop session or presentation.

Please use the following guidelines when submitting a proposal:

  • Login to the Conference Tool, or create an account if this is the first time you submit a proposal for a paper. To create an account, provide name, e-mail address, and select a password.
  • Click Conference-Tool (box in the top right of the web page) followed by a click on Management of Lectures. The conference tool opens.
  • Click Speaker / My Contributions. If you have submitted proposals before, they now appear.
  • Click New Contribution, and select the conference for which you submit the presentation: UA Reloaded 20.
  • A new contribution appears in the My Contributions table.
  • Below the My Contributions table, fill out the form including the following information:
    • Add a title, short summary, and a more detailed keyword outline for your contribution proposal.
    • Select the subject area of your proposal, whether you apply for a presentation slot, a workshop or a tutorial, and select the level of your target audience.
    • Add your contact information and a short bio about your experience.
  • If applicable, add an additional speaker, by clicking Add Speaker.
  • (Optional) Click Save to save your work for later.
  • The title and speaker name(s) of your contribution are added to the My Contributions table.
  • To edit a saved entry, login to the Conference-Tool, select the contribution in the My Contributions table, and edit your proposal.
  • IMPORTANT: Click Submit to submit your contribution.
  • WARNING: It is not possible to edit a contribution after it is submitted

Evaluation of the papers submitted

Papers will be selected by an advisory board consisting of international experts. If you have any questions, please contact event(at)

We look forward to hearing from you!

If you need any help with the system or for further information please contact us at event(at)