Terms and Conditions for Speakers and Contributors

With the submission of an application for a presentation (workshop, tutorial, lecture, panel) the speaker accepts the following terms and conditions.


The applications will be selected exclusively by the advisory board / conference board committee for the respective conference. Submitting a presentation does not entitle the speaker to attend the event. The decision of the advisory board / conference board for the respective conference / event will be conveyed to the speaker without providing any reasons for refusal or acceptance.

Obligation to Participate

The speaker undertakes to provide his presentation in accordance with the following guidelines, unless otherwise agreed upon with conference management. The speaker is generally obligated to present the respective subject objectively, and in a vendor- and product-neutral way.

Personal Participation

Participation at the conference refers solely to the speaker and not to any company or institution the speaker may belong to. The speaker provides his presentation individually (if necessary with a co-speaker). He shall treat the presentation subject in accordance with the scope specified in the application, and in an appropriate manner. On principle, the "substitution" of a speaker is not possible. If a speaker revokes his attendance, tcworld GmbH reserves the right to cancel the presentation without replacement. Should the speaker be prevented for any reason (e.g. due to illness) on the conference day itself, he shall contact the conference management as soon as possible. If a speaker must cancel his participation, he undertakes to support the search for a substitute speaker.

Announcement and Presentation

In order to announce the presentation and to document the conference the speaker undertakes to send the following documents or, alternatively, upload them on the conference tool by the set deadline:

  • the announcement text for the presentation
  • the curriculum vitae of the speaker
  • a photo
  • the presentation slides

With the submission of the above-mentioned documents, the speaker grants tcworld GmbH (organizer) the full and irrevocable and royalty-free rights of use as defined by article 15 ff. of the German Copyright Act (§§ 15 ff. UrhG), in particular the rights of reproduction, public access and adaptation (especially translations).
If the documents are not submitted in due time, tcworld GmbH reserves the right to remove the presentation from the conference program. The speaker has no any entitlement to compensation.

Participation at the Conference

Each speaker receives a free conference pass for the respective conference. In the case of the tcworld conference, the speaker has the opportunity to attend all presentations and workshops (with prior notice), as well as the tekom fair. For some conferences, it may be necessary to register at the official website with a special code. Co-speakers of presentations receive free admission only on the day of the presentation. Lunch and drinks at the beverage cart are free of charge. Details will be specified by conference management.

Cancellation of an Event

The tcworld GmbH (organizer) is entitled to cancel or postpone a conference due to serious reasons (e.g. closure of the venue, force majeure, etc.). If an event is canceled, no claims can be made for the payment of the workshop fee or the refund of expenses.

Audio and Video Recordings

tcworld GmbH (organizer) has the right to photograph or video-record the event. The pictures and records may be used for purposes of reporting, documentation or publicity, as well as the production of training material and may be published on the conference website or YouTube. Please approach directly the photographer or cameraman if you do not wish to be photographed or filmed or object to this prior to the start of the event.


The speaker shall ensure that he has his own insurance covering accidents, illness, etc. With regard to his presentation materials, the speaker shall indemnify tcworld GmbH from all claims by third parties arising from the infringement of copyrights.


tcworld reserves the right to evaluate the satisfaction of the conference participants with the help of feedback questionnaires or feedback apps such as "Honestly". Such feedback on a presentation is solely for use within the advisory board / conference board committee and the speaker himself and will not be published.

Personal Data

The personal data provided by the speaker are collected, processed and used by tcworld GmbH and tekom Deutschland / tekom Europe for the purposes of the conference. The personal data will not be passed on or sold to any third party for advertising purposes.
The presentation slides are made available for the participants of the conferences and are often published on the conference website. It is up to the speaker to decide whether he wants to share contacts details on his slides or not. If the speaker shares contact details on his slides, tcworld cannot prevent these data beeing collected and used by third parties.
The speaker consents to the organizations named above using his data to keep him informed by mail, email or phone about

  • upcoming conferences and events (especially, but non-exclusively, call for papers)
  • new publications and
  • training programs of tekom and tcworld GmbH.

The speaker can revoke his consent at any time

  • by fax (+49 711 65704-99)
  • by email to or
  • mail to tcworld GmbH, Rotebühlstraße 64, 70178 Stuttgart.