The UA Reloaded Experience

Here, you can read what our participants had to say about the event: 


I received many new ideas and inspiration, especially for visualization in technical communication. For example, I could see how instructional films can be implemented much more systematically and efficiently. UA Reloaded also showed that we technical editors will face new challenges. We have to focus on new tools. But the good news is – text will remain and also structural thinking. I am really inspired; tomorrow, back in the office, I’m immediately going to visit the storyboarding website that was mentioned in the presentation. 

Peter Oehmig, participant, Technical Writer at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG 


UA Reloaded was a great experience: interesting topics, new ideas, and the whole thing was innovatively presented. The highlight for me was the Innojam, a platform where students presented their own projects in the field of User Assistance. So, all in all I am taking new ideas with me that are helpful for my field. It was great to see how Machine Learning can be used to improve User Assistance.

Benjamin Bischke, DFKI PhD Student, Research Field, Smart Data & Knowledge Services

As a data scientist – User Assistance is not the field we are mostly focusing on. Our intention to attend to UA Reloaded was to connect with this field by networking with delegates and showcasing our Virtual Reality (VR) data analysis product. Attendees had the opportunity to try our VR product and be inspired as to how VR could be relevant in their own working field. For example we talked to people about how a technical writer could use VR as a portable simulation environment - to search and see machine processes that are helpful to write their documentation. From our side it was interesting to discuss these new potential applications of VR, and to get general feedback about our product by talking with people that are not from our field. We also got ideas on how to improve our product and that is a great thing. One thing I would like to add to UA Reloaded: What about even more spontaneously pitches in the next year?

Rebecca Wilson, InnoJam presenter and exhibitor Newcastle University

What I like most about UA Reloaded is that it is deeply specialized. At many conferences you can get overloaded by information from different fields. But at this conference you go deeper into one topic – User Assistance – and illuminate it from all different angles. You really can explore User Assistance technologies and concepts. Also, the speakers have been great. They didn’t just speak in front of you, they illustrated their topic, showed live examples and interacted with the audience. Hopefully I can come again next year. My key takeaway: I have to try it! New trends and technology changes are there to be tested. When it comes to content, we have to stop trying to force the user to react to our products. Instead, we should tell more stories and bring fun and engagement to our content. The user will feel and see that.

Lesia Zasadna, participant,  ELEKS Ukraine

The UA Reloaded conference was a good opportunity to exchange about the newest User Assistance options. We got a deeper insight into VR, machine learning and UX tools through hands-on presentations and by networking with students, scientists and entrepreneurs. How can we as a company provide a better tool for our users? At UA Reloaded, we got a lot of inspiration to support us in answering this main question.

Leslie Ackerman & Jon Glesinger Exhibitor, Intelligent Voice


As a startup in the technical field, UA Reloaded was a great opportunity to enter and to be visible in the world of User Assistance. I had a lot of interesting discussions with people from different fields and also took part in the workshops. I took away a lot of positive impressions: a relaxed, open atmosphere, top-class speakers and direct feedback on our product.

Timo Schneider, exhibitor, Startup eyezag