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Fluid Topics unlocks the delivery of technical content through any channel. Fluid Topics is a turnkey platform for dynamic content delivery that transforms all forms of static documentation such as user guides, reference manuals and knowledge bases into a lively, smart and interactive online publishing system. For more information:

MEDIASYS has developed a new kind of multi-perspective tool for process documentation, training and support. With the SmartAssist tool you will get fast, reliable and maximum visual understandable technical information at lowest total cost of ownership. These use case based documents can be a mix of any kind of media like video, text, picture, CAD-data, etc. Within that process you will have access to all the required information with just one click. The information can be flexible distributed to product/theme level and are offline and online available on PC, notebook, tablet, portable Pocket-PC with data-glasses/head-mounted-display or smartphone.

We develop easy to use and smart solutions for digital performance support of your staff. Flowshare (LEARNTEC Startup Pitch Winner 2017) helps you to automatically create user guides accelerating the software documentation process by a factor of 9. As a sneak peek we present our next solution: replaying those guides interactively as context-sensitive help.


More than Metrics offers digital tools and tangible resources to plan and evaluate customer experiences. The company is led by the authors of the best-selling books „This is Service Design Thinking“ and „This is Service Design Doing“. Use Smaply to visualize the experience and Experiencefellow to gather data along the entire customer journey.

TechSmith’s suite of screen capture and video editing tools help you make remarkable content. Communicate clearly, show what you know, and easily share information and knowledge with our flagship products TechSmith Camtasia and TechSmith Snagit.

At TWi we simplify technical content making complex, cutting edge ideas and creations accessible and easy to understand. We are a leading provider of technical writing and information design solutions, serving some of the largest companies in ICT, Life Sciences, Utilities and more. We deliver clear, concise, and user-friendly content in all forms to improve productivity, reduce user error, increase sales, and minimise training and support costs.

Userlane's mission is to close the knowledge gap between humans and machines by allowing anybody to use any software application without training, handbooks, or tutorials. Userlane provides a navigation system for software that allows users to operate any application without prior knowledge. On-screen interactive guides steer people directly through processes and provide step-by-step assistance by showing users how to accomplish tasks in real time. Such guides can be used to onboard new users or train staff and can be superimposed on any kind of software. With the Userlane's authoring tool anybody can create and edit interactive guides in minutes, and without any coding.