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Intuitive Learning Resources (ILR)

The aim of the workshop is to actively engage participants in the discovery and application of learning resources that convey threshold concepts. Intuitive to use and easy to access, the resources help lower barriers to learning, and promote accessibility and encourage the development of flexible pedagogies that encourage self-directed learning.

The session will be broken down into three sections.
Firstly, a short introduction into ILR, highlighting what they comprise of and examples of how they are being used in education.

Secondly, participants will select a member of each group to demonstrate the knowledge they have gained from using the ILR provided before the workshop, and help 'save a life' by interacting with the Airway Management Trainer at the front of the workshop.

Thirdly, each group will be asked to agree on a single topic and develop a lesson plan or plan of action that includes the use of ILR. The plan should highlight the benefits, challenges and potential impact of using the resources. These plans will be presented back to the groups for discussion.
The workshop will close with a review of what was covered and answer any questions.