Chatbot and Technical Content. Beyond the Demo, Myth and Reality (90 min)

Analysts predict that chatbots will overtake websites and apps as your customers’ preferred interface in the near future. How do you get past the exciting, carefully staged demo presentation into the world of real-life customers? Demos are brief and can be successful with only a few lines of conversation, guided by some simple rules. This is how almost all chatbots work today. But tech content is textual and not rule-based. In fact, it is impossible to revamp the many thousands of pieces of content written for human readers into a formal rules-based system.


The problem is how to connect the textual content, whether XML, legacy, Wikis or anything else, with the inner processes of the bot. One way or another we are going to be having verbal conversations with our devices. We will review the various approaches and what the maturity of this technology allows.

What You Will Learn:

We will teach you how rules-based chatbots work and why those simple demos are so impressive, and why chatbots so often fail as soon as they enter the real world. We will also show you why current technologies are inadequate and give unsatisfactory experiences. We will go over the difficulties in fueling a chatbot with text-based content. Then we will show you technological approaches which will permit you to go to the next level with a chatbot that can take you to a higher degree of functionality, using the text-based content you already have.