Living and Working in a Globally Connected World

The living environments as well as the working and customers world of the year 2030 will look completely different than today’s. Global Topspeaker Max Hergt, Director Enabling & Transformation Programs at 2b AHEAD Think Tank, Europe’s biggest independent trend institute, characterizes the change of basic conditions and chances for all industry sectors.

In doing so, he reflects the aspects of business as well as the ambition of doing meaningful work and personal fulfillment. In his presentation, trend researcher Max Hergt names the driving forces of this change that are already visible today and bear responsibility for how we will live and work tomorrow.

Although it is a main topic in the media, Max Hergt is sure that digitization is still a highly underestimated phenomenon – though it puts not only processes of manufacture, distribution channels and the communication between providers and customers on a new foundation. It also changes the given demands of customers on satisfaction of ones needs, on permanent accessibility and maximum reaction rates. In this way, digitization demands and promotes the development of new products and services.

Let innovation consultant Max Hergt inspire you and learn how your business will stay visible and capable of acting to assert yourself in the globally connected future of the digital economy.