Not Just for Kicks and Giggles: How Videos Can Enrich All Phases of User Assistance.

Learn how video content can enrich all areas of your company’s UA portfolio, while using a medium that grabs your users’ attention and sticks with them. Video content, when used effectively, can help your company generate interest in a new product or feature, help new users get up and running, tell existing users about what’s new, and more.


We will talk about the characteristics of various types of videos, talk about the tools and skills needed to produce them, and learn best practices for effective and professional-like video production, including a basic introduction to software video capture.  

Note: While many of the best practices shown can be applied to different video tools, the video-production portion of this workshop will focus on Techsmith Camtasia 9. You can license or start a 30-day trial for this product here For an overview of other industry-standard tools, be sure to visit the Pimp Your Video Clips  workshop held by Sven Brencher from inlite (Adobe).