Getting Started in Video Creation for User Assistance – Part 1

Video is an effective medium for conveying information and it offers a lot of possibilities for enriching onboarding, training, and documentation content. Given its popularity, the skill of video creation is beneficial – if not necessary – in today's user assistance world. However, it can be challenging for beginners to know where to start and which of the techniques, technology, and concepts are needed to be successful. But it doesn’t have to be difficult and this workshop will serve as an introduction to anyone looking to create video content.

Workshop Goal and Overview

This workshop will guide beginners through the basic process for creating a video. After a short introduction, participants will be divided into groups who will all create their own video. As a guided group, they will need to plan the video, write a script, record audio and video footage, and edit to produce the video. A final showcase will conclude the workshop.

Possible scenarios: 

  • How to assemble an Espresso Cooker (or any 4-5 step process)
  • Short video trailer about UA Reloaded: Interviews, B-Roll, Voiceover (and maybe screen recording).
  • What’s New Video about__ 

Attendees should bring with them:

  • A laptop
    • Headphones