Inside Microsoft: UA Evolution amidst Digital Transformation

Over the past 20 years, the role of the Technical Writer and the User Assistance discipline at Microsoft has significantly evolved. Like all industries, role and discipline evolution are closely tied with innovation, emerging technologies, and an ever-changing business landscape, leading to major paradigm shifts.

We’ve moved from printed manuals and in-product Help systems to websites, in-app teaching, videos, and community platforms. Now, with the growth and maturity of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced telemetry, and with more data insights than we could have ever imagined, we find ourselves at an inflection point, where a more advanced "digital culture" is taking shape. As part of this sea change from traditional assistance models to more modern, fully integrated micro-learning moments and just-in-time concepts, we must build new skills to create content experiences that meet evolving customer expectations, embracing an "in just works" mantra. Come hear about Microsoft’s journey and current user assistance trends, and how high tech companies may have more in common with other industries than we realize.