Engaging Audiences with AR (Part I)

This hands-on workshop will provide you with an overview of the possible uses of AR in user assistance applications.

In cooperation with 361/DXR GmbH, together with our friend and partner Arne Ludwig, we’ve launched this hands-on workshop.

Our product is a pioneer within engagement tactics for brands. The so called "DRX Engagement Platform" displays Augmented Reality content, allowing the users to experience products/brands within their environment. This platform is a self-developed, asset management system that integrates of technical abilities from Apple AR Kit, Google AR Core, and WebAR technologies to create content that involves the users into a brands journey. On a different note, we use our platform as a single product and channel it out to different streams such as, social media (Facebook & Instagram), mobile applications, web-based applications, interactive displays, stage set ups, and many more. This allows us to be personalized at any scale. However, for our clients we have created a lead generation tool that works hand in hand with our platform. This chat bot pops up at the end of the AR experience and chats on a personal level with the guest to take down the respective details. Some of our clients are Volkswagen, Viessmann, German National Tourist Board and many more.

About Scarlito:
Scarlito is a professional video agency with a young and motivated team. We provide a friendly, outgoing service and stand for creative and innovative processes to produce high quality videos which include image clips, commercials, vr videos and animations. With our state-of-the-art technology, along with our passion for media, we share your vision. Since 2016, we’ve been an active member and developer in the EDFVR (First German Association for Virtual Reality).