Simplified Graphics instead of Classic Screenshots and Tutorials (Part II)

We rely on screenshots and graphics to onboard users to complex software interfaces and workflows, but we often struggle with maintaining and localizing these assets. Further, traditional visuals can still distract the user from the actual learning objective. Is there a better way?

Let’s rethink what we know and explore a technique commonly known as Simplified User Interface (SUI). This visual style will benefit your users by reducing cognitive load, make updates easier and extend the shelf-life of visual UA content.

Example of a Simplified Graphic: The user interface is reduced to simpler shapes, allowing users to focus on the essential steps and instructions.

What to expect
After a short introduction to the concept and use cases for simplified user interface graphics, the workshop participants will complete several exercises to learn the creation of simplified screenshots and animations using Snagit 2020. The workshop will conclude with a guided discussion around best practices and various design styles for simplified graphics. Participants will leave the workshop with the necessary understanding and skills to start leveraging SUI-based graphics for some of their own User Assistance content.

Participants should bring their own laptop with Snagit 2020 installed. A free 15-day trial version for Mac and Windows is available from