Start Your Own Community – Combining the Best Aspects of Different Social User Assistance Platforms

How can my company make use of its customers’ knowledge and essentially get them to help each other? When and how does my company benefit in concrete terms from Social User Assistance (Social UA)? What makes a good community? Why can and must technical documentation, marketing and service work better together with Social UA? Can our technical writers hold their own in Social UA with their existing specialist and social skills? What challenges await them?

And when does it make sense to start my own community platform? These are questions that any company wanting to make use of Social UA has to answer. In his talk, Steffen Mayfarth presents different social media platforms and the community system and shows you how to select the right platform for Social UA in your company. You will also learn what influence community platforms have on technical documentation and whether you already have the right person in the company for working in the community. One thing is clear: the role of the technical writer will change – from that of a lone fighter to one of a community manager?! Start your own community … now!