UA Reloaded Creative Jam (Part I)

With the UA Reloaded Creative Jam, we’re offering a unique design and content development experience, where teams of creative minds (that’s you!) can compete in a tournament utilizing the Adobe Creative Cloud* or similar tools, including AR and VR applications and devices.

What to expect
You will be grouped into small teams. Your task will be to create roll-out and enablement content (logos, website design, how-to or promotional videos, etc.) for a fictional product – and that within 3 hours. Get inspired and consider formats other than text for your future user assistance assets!Don’t worry, though. Experts will be on site to support you regarding the usage of the software products used to create your content. You will get the chance to showcase your workshop results in the Audimax, and an expert jury will decide on the winner of the UA Reloaded Creative Jam!

Participants are required to use a laptop or mobile device and ideally have Creative Cloud* or comparable products installed. Participants who are not familiar with Adobe XD, Rush, Premiere Pro, etc. can take part in a crash course offered on day 1 of the conference.

* 30 free licenses are available for participants for the time of the event